The unique friendly atmosphere, along with years of experience in the accountancy industry are just some of the reasons why clients come from all over the UK to use our services. But we don’t call them clients. You’re a friend here. We offer a range of services- from simple tax advice to tax returns, accounts, VAT, PAYE, CIS, limited company accounts and corporation tax. Whatever you need for anything business or tax related, we can help you. Female led, our fresh and dynamic approach to accounting means that we can really support you in the running of your business. We are there to help you out every step of the way, making sure you’re always smiling when you leave us! 


Yvonne opened the Mossley office in May 2011 because she wanted to offer Accountancy Services with a difference. Since day one Your Tax Shop has been dedicated to moving away from the ‘stereotypical accountant’.  We were fed up with the way a lot of accountants are perceived- confusing the minds of business owners with all of that unnecessary technical jargon and we wanted to do something different. Here at Your Tax Shop we aren’t just here to provide the figures, we help people with their own performance from the beginning and ensure that they understand what they’re going in to so that they can start as they mean to go on- with full understanding.


We go against the gender divide in accountancy & reflect the strong and successful female role models that the industry craves. We’re straight talking, and we’ll explain everything that you need to know. If you want to know that is. We don’t mind if you just shout for help and throw us a bin bag full of receipts.

We help everyone, from an independent self-employed freelancer, to partnerships and limited companies. We want you to be happy and understand what’s going on, and above all, we want you to save money! Our work culture puts our clients at the centre of everything we do and all of our hearts are in Your Tax Shop to make sure you get the best service possible. 




Yvonne decided to do her AAT when she had to become the breadwinner for her two young children. Since qualifying she has never looked back. Yvonne has nearly 20 years worth of experience in accounting and her expertise, knowledge along with her passionate drive for business is what makes her so good at what she does. She created Your Tax Shop to provide exceptional service in a way that is easy for clients to understand and she does it in a way like no-one else.

FUN FACT: Yvonne's skill set doesn't stop with numbers. She is also a qualified Reiki AND Crystal Healer.

                                                                                   What the team describe her as: Smart, powerful, and strong willed.




Fiona first met Yvonne at college, where they were both "the only normal people doing accounting!" Her love of numbers and figures, along with her passion for spreadsheets has seen Fiona become a specialist in everything tax related. Her skills and nearly 20 years experience brought her back to join Yvonne at Your Tax Shop, but it's her engaging smile and outstanding service that her clients love.


FUN FACT: Fiona is a spreadsheet fanatic! So much so that she actually had a pregnancy spreadsheet whilst pregnant with both of her little boys!

What the team describe her as: Caring, intelligent, and compassionate.




                                                                                  Laura has been with Yvonne since day one and has blossomed with the company into one of the senior members of staff here. She has qualified in her AAT Level 4 and specialises in a range of areas including VAT, PAYE, personal tax and company Accounts. Laura's super-efficient, analytical skills along with her fun loving nature make her the perfect Accounts Manager. She is like Superwoman, with a knowledge of everything, a detail oriented mind and the go to girl for all the messy and complicated jobs.

FUN FACT: Laura is a fitness freak and goes to the gym at least 4 times a week


What the team describe her as : Positive, strong-minded, and committed.





Gemma started with us in October 2014, after completing her A-Levels and deciding that she wanted to start a career whilst studying, rather than head off to Uni. She’s been gaining lots of responsibility with us as she works towards her AAT level 4, helping out with tasks around prep, VAT, payroll and personal tax. Her admin and correspondence skills are an invaluable asset, and we often find her using her initiative and researching vital pieces of information needed.

FUN FACT: Gemma hasn’t always been ‘the quiet one’. Her childhood saw her through near fame when she featured on Songs of Praise with her fellow choir mates!

What the team describe her as: Dramatic, ditsy and helpful.




Some of you might recognise this fabulous face! Chan is back, and, will probably be the endearing voice you hear at the other end of the phone when you call us. Chan is currently studying her Level 2 NVQ in Business Admin, helping out with correspondence, client queries and ensuring our systems are always up to date. She's also a top brew maker, seen as she manages to drink at least 10 a day! Being chatty, friendly, and super helpful, she makes a great asset to our growing team. 


                                                                                    Fun fact: Chan's outgoing spirit always bagged her the main parts in school plays. One of her teachers was so star struck that Chan ended up singing at her wedding, must have the voice of an angel.

Team describe her as: Confident, fun-loving, and slightly bonkers.


francesca harrison


Fran joined us in May 2016 after deciding that she wanted to progress with her career and join us here at Your Tax Shop. She has previously completed the AAT qualification and now helps with VAT, payroll and Personal Tax. Her client care is an invaluable asset as she always goes the extra mile to make sure clients are happy.


                                                                                  FUN FACT: Fran is slightly obsessed with America and on her latest visit in June, she zip-lined through Las Vegas!

                                                                                    What the team describe her as: Thoughtful, considerate and helpful.


chloe lees


Chloe is our newest recruit! She joined us at the start of April 2017, after leaving her previous job to take on a business administrator role here with us at Your Tax Shop.









Team describer her as: Friendly, Cheerful and enthusiastic.




Josh joined us at the start of September 2016, jumping straight into a career after finishing school. Josh is a great help to everyone in the office, carrying out general duties daily. He is currently studying Business Administration this year and then will go on to study AAT Level 2 in Accounting next year in September 2017.                                                                     


Fun fact: When Josh was younger he was a bit of a celebrity, being the ball boy for Manchester City Football Club at Premier League Matches!

Team describe him as: Super helpful, well-mannered and conscientious. 




Gary’s career in financial services started with Barclays, where he progressed to Bank Manager. In 2009 Gary decided a new challenge was in order, which was when he qualified as a Financial Adviser. Gary has extensive experience in helping clients with a wide range of financial planning needs including investments, protections and pensions. Gary is passionate about providing excellent advice and taking the time to understand what is important to clients. Like us, he is a firm believer in keeping things simple and being able to give you all of the information you need in a straightforward and easy to understand manner.

Fun fact: Gary’s qualifications don’t end in financial services. He is also quite the driving fanatic, with a HGV licence and Motor Cycle licence in hand, there isn’t a vehicle he couldn’t handle!

What the team describe him as: Friendly, professional, and cheerful.