“18 months ago, near the deadline for our 1st years Accounts I was in 'panic mode'. Other accountants were reluctant to get involved at that time of year (Christmas) and also I felt they inflated their prices for a 'rush job'. Fiona at Your Tax Shop was the opposite, and showed an empathy and professionalism in helping. They performed miracles and produced what was required with a couple of days to spare. The Staff are very friendly and provide excellent customer service, everything is explained clearly and not just in 'accountancy jargon' - and they are always interested in you as a person and your business and how it is doing.” (2015)


"From the day I first walked in to the Mossley office I felt instantly at ease and quickly became aware that there was no flannel or stuffiness. My initial meeting with Fiona and Francesca was welcoming and informative and I took an instant          shine to the pair of them. Since then I have had a first class service from Fran who has kept me informed and up to date        on all financial matters pertaining to my business. It has been a breathe of fresh air in comparison to my previous                    accountants who were evasive, aloof and unapproachable and I would happily recommend Your Tax Shop to any                    business large or small" (2017)


“Your Tax Shop aren’t just your typical accountants, they go that extra mile and always ensure that we understand all aspects of the financial running of our business. Over the years they have helped us understand the important accounting factors that affect us and ensured that we keep up to date with current issues and improved our professionalism towards our accounting and book keeping. Their assistance has been a key factor in the success of our business, and we appreciate their hard work and commitment. Yvonne and her team are very vibrant and enthusiastic, and are very approachable” (2016)


“I have dealt with Your tax Shop since I started my business 5 years ago aged 20. Starting a business so young can be daunting especially when tax and payroll come into play. Yvonne and her team really helped me through everything and they continue to do so. They are a helpful, friendly and professional company to deal with. I will continue to use them without hesitation in the future.” (2016)


“Your Tax Shop wow! Since 2014 this amazing team have really been there for us.  They have been instrumental in the growth & success of us. YTS took us under their wing and literally guided and advised us on how to understand our accounts and how to move the business forward which saw us grow from a sole trader to a Ltd company. They are so in touch with their clients and understand our businesses which is so important.  No matter how many questions I ask, the team have a can do attitude and their customer service is outstanding. I trust the advice and guidance from them which is instrumental for me when finalising my year ending order for me to plan our future growth. When I talk about my accountants with other business owners I have a big smile on my face because I'm so proud to say YTS is part of the Lyons Property Services Ltd family. I simply couldn't do it without them all.” (2015)


“We have been with Your Tax Shop for years. Yvonne and team have been invaluable to our company from loaning one of their staff to us to help with our accounts on a weekly basis to explaining everything in black and white clear English when any questions need answering. Your Tax Shop are always one step ahead giving us up-to-date information on tax, vat, wages and pensions.  There invaluable information on R & D Tax has saved our company a grand sum on corporation tax.
Fantastic company, fantastic staff, all lead by an excellent management team - Yvonne and Fiona.” (2015)

"I knew that my tax affairs were going to be complicated this year for a few reasons, the girls at the tax shop made me a cuppa when I arrived for my single appointment. Within 2 weeks everything was complete and I received a rebate paid directly into my bank account. The service was first class and friendly and I will be using the tax shop every year from now on. Thank you". David Fernley (2017)


“I’ve been with Your Tax Shop (YTS) for 4 happy, pain-free years. In the beginning,I made an appointment to get some pre-set up advice, as the power of organisations like HMRC were a real worry to me. I wanted to get it right from the beginning and YTS 100% supported me to be the kind of businesses woman I wanted to be. I met Yvonne who gave me some sound and practical advice about Ltd companies versus self-employed status. In the 1st year I was assisted to set up accounting/book-keeping processes and records that worked for me and fulfilled my responsibilities. The key element for me has always been they put the clients experience at the heart of everything they do. They see the needs of the client; they explain everything in a clear, concise and timely fashion. They don’t operate in a bubble. Instead they are connected to other complementary companies and will introduce you to someone, who like them speaks plain English, in an area that is not their specialism e.g. investment advice. They have a different style to most other accountancy firms I know. They are relaxed, easy to understand and go through things with you but don’t attempt to transfer responsibility; they hold themselves very accountable for an accurate and precise service and that in turn gives me peace of mind and allows me to get on with building my business. I recommend YTS to everyone! For a small business they have a very credible local presence, in the Tameside and Oldham area. They are always marketing, using social media and undertaking charity fundraisers. I know they are constantly, steadily expanding but the service for existing customers is never compromised. It’s nice to have an accountant that personifies how a business should be run.” (2015)