Your Tax Shop would like to take this opportunity to advise you how to achieve a well-balanced working life, whether you’re a director of your own limited company or have just started running your own business as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Whilst Your Tax Shop understands that the main priority in your life will be to ensure that your business is a success, it is still essential that you have a balance in your personal life too. Here’s our top tips for balancing your working life:

  1. 1. Make use of lists in order to prioritise your day-to-day tasks and events, both in your working and personal life. Try to prioritise which events in your workday and home life are the most essential and combine the two lists together – so that you don’t lose sight of the fact that your personal life is just as important!
  2. 2. You don’t always have to be in the office to be productive. Some aspects of your business may require you to be at the office but other tasks, such as admin, can be done from anywhere.
  3. 3. After your workday is over, you need to do things that are not work related. Work on your hobby, watch your favourite TV shows or go for a walk with your friends or family. Think you don’t have enough time because you need to do your admin outside of work hours? This is not an excuse! It is important to work on yourself as much as it is to work on your business. If you work from home and don’t have specific ‘working hours’, set yourself allotted time slots to start and finish your working day.
  4. 4. Make use of software that will organise and make your working day a breeze! The technology available nowadays helps people to do things with their business that was simply not possible ten years ago.
  5. 5. Remind yourself as to why it is you run your own business in the first place and why you’re so passionate about what you do. Think back to your original reasons behind starting your own business and draw inspiration from this.

Your Tax Shop, based in Ashton-under-Lyne, hopes that you will start to introduce some of these tips into your everyday life.

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