There has been a recent surge in scam emails and HMRC are urging you to be aware! They are advising customers to lookout for a new bogus email scam, claiming to be from HMRC. For many of you this won’t be new information as scam emails have been flying about for years but here’s what to look out for…

If you receive an email with a subject that reads “You have received new messages from HMRC”, that also has an attachment, it is a scam. It is important that you send the email to and then delete the email once sent.

HMRC only send emails to you if you have subscribed to the HMRC alerts, they won’t email you directly. They will also never ask for any personal, or financial details via email or text.

Another popular scam is if you receive and email from ‘HMRC’ stating that you have a refund waiting for you. Never open an attachment or click a link as this could be dangerous.

For more advice on scams, phishing and genuine HMRC contact, you can visit GOV.UK and search ‘phishing’. If you’re a client of ours you can always pick up the phone and we will advise you if the information is correct or a scam.

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