Cocker and Co Limited

“Your Tax Shop are absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend them enough! Like all businesses I have lots of accounts and different angles to the business and I had left our annual accounts close to deadlines after our other account retired… I met Yvonne at the Ashton office and the first thing she said was that my accounts could be completed in time and gave me a fixed price which was fabulous! Between all the girls and josh our accounts problem was fixed in no time. Massive thank you to Yvonne, Chloe, Fiona and Josh for making it all add up, I’m sure that everyone else behind the scenes had also helped. I am so relieved now your tax shop has taken over our book-keeping and will do our company accounts and annual return. Very happy with the price and very good service all the time, any questions they answer them, absolutely love these guys. Worth every penny and I look forward to many years ahead with Your Tax Shop. Keep up the good work guys! Once again thank you from both directors @ Cocker and Co Limited” Daniel Cocker (2017)