Lyons Property Services Ltd

“Your Tax Shop wow! Since 2014 this amazing team have really been there for us.  They have been instrumental in the growth & success of us. YTS took us under their wing and literally guided and advised us on how to understand our accounts and how to move the business forward which saw us grow from a sole trader to a Ltd company. They are so in touch with their clients and understand our businesses which is so important.  No matter how many questions I ask, the team have a can do attitude and their customer service is outstanding. I trust the advice and guidance from them which is instrumental for me when finalising my year ending order for me to plan our future growth. When I talk about my accountants with other business owners I have a big smile on my face because I’m so proud to say YTS is part of the Lyons Property Services Ltd family. I simply couldn’t do it without them all.” (2015)