With the end of the 2017/18 tax year approaching, we thought you may be wondering about your National Insurance contributions and how they are calculated if you complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return. If you’re self-employed, you will usually pay two types of National Insurance (NI). The first type is Class 2 NI which is payable when your profits are £6,025 or more for the tax year. The second type is Class 4 NI which is payable if your profits are £8,164 or more for the tax year. 

What are the rates for 2017/18? 

  • Class 2 – £2.85 per week
  • Class 4 – 9% on profits between £8,164 and £45,000

                    – 2% on profits over £45,000 

How do you pay your NI? 

Your NI will be automatically calculated when your accountant completes your Self-Assessment tax return. If your profits are less than £6,025 then you can voluntarily pay Class 2 NI. We recommend that you pay your NI even if you are not required to so that you don’t have any gaps in your qualifying years for state pension. 

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