Red Maple HR LTD

“I’ve been with Your Tax Shop (YTS) for 4 happy, pain-free years. In the beginning,I made an appointment to get some pre-set up advice, as the power of organisations like HMRC were a real worry to me. I wanted to get it right from the beginning and YTS 100% supported me to be the kind of businesses woman I wanted to be. I met Yvonne who gave me some sound and practical advice about Ltd companies versus self-employed status. In the 1st year I was assisted to set up accounting/book-keeping processes and records that worked for me and fulfilled my responsibilities.

The key element for me has always been they put the clients experience at the heart of everything they do. They see the needs of the client; they explain everything in a clear, concise and timely fashion. They don’t operate in a bubble. Instead they are connected to other complementary companies and will introduce you to someone, who like them speaks plain English, in an area that is not their specialism e.g. investment advice. They have a different style to most other accountancy firms I know. They are relaxed, easy to understand and go through things with you but don’t attempt to transfer responsibility; they hold themselves very accountable for an accurate and precise service and that in turn gives me peace of mind and allows me to get on with building my business. I recommend YTS to everyone! For a small business they have a very credible local presence, in the Tameside and Oldham area. They are always marketing, using social media and undertaking charity fundraisers. I know they are constantly, steadily expanding but the service for existing customers is never compromised. It’s nice to have an accountant that personifies how a business should be run.” (2015)