Have you ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an accountant? Or how they manage to cope with colossal calculations and balance the books?

There are plenty of views out there and stereotypes of typical accountants being daunting and boring, however, Your Tax Shop is renowned for stepping away from this label, by introducing new, innovative ways of offering our clients simple, easy-to-understand advice.

Your Tax Shop would therefore like to introduce you to our top ten humorous views that some people have of accountants. An accountant is a person who…

  • – Develops an obsessive behaviour when it comes to numbers
  • – Can calculate the trickiest of sums
  • – Finds inner peace in the knowledge that debits should always equal credits
  • – Understands the joy and celebration of balancing a bank reconciliation
  • – Rarely misses a trick when it comes to robust legislation and guidelines
  • – Makes a lifetime vow to never take a holiday in January!
  • – Can sort through a plastic bag of receipts in no time
  • – Becomes a friend you can always confide in
  • – Knows your business inside out
  • – Sorts out all the mess!

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