The Your Tax Shop team, based in the heart of Ashton-under-Lyne’s town centre, embarked on their annual staff trip away last weekend. Your Tax Shop travelled to the beautiful Lake District for a two-night stay in a gorgeous, luxury stone cottage.

After bracing the scarily narrow country roads, Your Tax Shop made it and arrived at the cottage Friday afternoon. Upon arrival, we all chose our bedrooms, made ourselves comfortable and sat down around a big oak table to enjoy our first meal together, which we had all contributed towards. Yvonne made delicious curries, Fiona made a heart-warming chilli, Laura made a tasty lasagne and Emma made a nutritious salad. Your Tax Shop’s very own star baker Fran had also baked some delicious sweet treats, which included a lemon and blueberry drizzle cake and Jaffa Cake brownies!

Once we had cleared our plates, we played cards and board games before passing presents around the table. We all had the task of buying one person a secret gift, leaving the rest of the team to guess who each of us had bought for. With an early start looming, ready for our fun-filled day of team building activities and challenges, we relaxed enjoying each other’s company and made use of the hot tub before retiring to bed for the night.

On Saturday morning, Your Tax Shop all prepared breakfast and split up into two teams which were Von’s Dream Team and Fiona’s Fantastic Five, ready for the day ahead. Von’s Dream Team was made up of Yvonne, Chloe, Emma, Josh and Jack. Fiona’s Fantastic Five included Fiona, Laura, Fran, Kieran and Danny.

Your Tax Shop arrived at The National Trust’s Fell Foot Park, which is situated beside Lake Windermere. Dave and Susie from Mere Mountains who were our fabulous instructors for the day kindly greeted us. Our first challenge was for each team to successfully build a catamaran out of two canoes, before hopping on board and setting sail into the wilderness.

Each team had the challenge of gaining as many points as they could by navigating a simple map and rowing up and down the vast waters, before meeting up with the opposing team to have the chance of earning extra bonus points by going head-to-head in various races. After the first head-to-head, we dried off whilst devouring lunch before the next challenges were explained to us. The afternoon was packed with lots of fun-filled activities, brainteasers, orienteering and problem-solving puzzles.

It was a close call with Von’s Dream Team being in the lead by only 2 points! This meant they had a slight 2-second head start in the last challenge. The final showdown featured both teams balancing on narrow wooden skis. To win their way to victory, both Your Tax Shop teams had to work together, popping all their coloured balloons as they travelled together in unison on the skis.

As it had been all day, it was neck and neck right up until the final second before Von’s Dream Team edged slightly ahead securing the win!

Your Tax Shop, a local multi-award-winning accountancy practice, believes that team building within their company improves communication and morale, building trust among co-workers and identifies individual’s strengths and weaknesses. After all, team work makes the dream work!

Have you considered team-building exercises within your workplace? Get in touch with us today to hear why it’s important to us; we would love to hear from you!